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Order Automation is sweeping the nation and is becoming the new reality in retail environments. A growing number of consumers, including Millennials, prefer to use a digital platform over speaking to a clerk or cashier and are beginning to seek out these technologies when making their consumer choices.

A part of the explanation is the reduction of wait times. Adding an interactive kiosk platform to your business can drastically reduce order and wait times. In turn, this will free up your employee’s time for other tasks that need to be done in store. The overall experience for consumer and employee is improved.

Kiosks can also increase basket size. Many consumers may not want to make large orders with a cashier that hold up the line or generate unwanted attention. Group orders are also time consuming and difficult to confirm. A kiosk solves problems like this putting the consumer in control in a discreet yet controlled process, from order to transaction.

You can introduce new products and combinations to your consumers by featuring products on the kiosk’s idle screen or even increasing their footprint on the menu. It is a great way to drive traffic towards new or high margin items. Consumers will also have the freedom of making customizations to their order that they might not have known were possible, or have been to shy to ask about with a cashier.

How do customers pay?

Transactions are simple an can be done 1 of 3 ways:

  1. Credit card terminal: add an existing credit card terminal to the kiosk, customers can pay for their order right away and show their receipt when picking up.

  2. Online payment: customers can pay using an online portal on the screen and show their receipt when picking up.

  3. Pay at counter: customers will be printed a bill and can pay at the counter, this is good for cash payments.

fully customizable

Every business is different and your kiosk will become an integral part of your consumer’s experience. Customization is key and we will work with you to ensure that your platform has been tailor-made for your store, products and brand messaging.

It all starts with the custom design of your kiosk app, ensuring that the consumer experience is not only totally seamless, but also enhanced.

We will use your product information and brand guidelines with your insights to design the perfect user experience for your kiosk.

Show off your brand

The kiosk’s screen also acts as a vibrant out-of-home display and can play promotional videos while idling, or even advertise your high margin items. The screen is valuable ad space that you can use to drive business towards your desired products.

ad Revenue generating potential

Your vendors and suppliers will want to maximize their product’s presence on the kiosk, whether it is a promotional video or advertisement while idling, or an upgraded more prominent placement when ordering. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to use your kiosk as an advertising revenue generating tool.

Not just for food businesses

Although this innovative technology is probably best known for coming out of the quick-service food industry, there is potential in virtually any retail business where speed and product messaging is key. If the current trend continues, automated order kiosks will soon be seen in virtually all categories of consumer retail environments.

Consumers today prefer to be in control and can sometimes be intimidated by retail sales clerks. A kiosk also requires no training, so if your business has a high turnover for staff this could be a way to ensure your consumers always have a consistent shopper experience.

Interactive Kiosk features:

  • RK3399 Quad-Core ARM 2.0GHZ

  • 32” PCAP Touchscreen

  • 2GB RAM

  • 80mm High-speed thermal printer

  • Universal payment terminal acceptance

  • Optional barcode scanner

  • USB x 2

  • LAN x 1

  • Power Adapter 100 - 240 VAC

Our interactive kiosk platforms include:

  • Kiosk app development, fully customized for your business

  • Web & mobile app development

  • Custom software development

  • E-commerce solutions & shopping cart development

  • Creative graphics design services

  • SEO marketing

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation on how our Interactive Kiosks can improve the way you do business. We treat every client as unique and after learning about your specific business requirements, we will walk you through the technology, hardware and benefits that this upgrade can present to you.